The Best Bass Pickups: 5 Brands to Check Out in 2021

If you are a bass player, then there is a good chance that you have been looking for the best bass pickups. And while it may seem impossible to find the perfect set of pickups, we know that this isn’t true! We’ve compiled a list of five brands that will be releasing their new and improved models in 2021 and we’re going to tell you all about them in detail below.

Top 5 Best Bass Pickups of 2021

1. Fender Custom Shop ’60s Jazz Bass Pickups

Fender Custom Shop '60s Jazz Bass Pickups

Feature Of Product
  • Patterned after vintage pickups
  • Over-wound for more punch, midrange, bass, and output
  • Use alnico 5 magnets and form-var magnet wire
  • Include all mounting hardware

These are the sonic equivalent to hopping onto your one-of-a-kind Harley before heading out for a ride with some friends. These pickups are overwound, pushing that signature jazz bass sound into some territory you probably never heard it in before. But what about those tight riff performances on an acoustic guitar? Heavy metal solos? Those aren’t even reasons not to buy our overwound ’60s pickups. You’ll be one of the few people playing this style without anything but original equipment!


2. Fender Original Jazz Bass Pickups

Fender Original Jazz Bass Pickups

Feature Of Product
  • Formvar magnet wire for bright, glassy tone
  • Flush-mount pole pieces for even string response
  • Alnico 2 magnets for complex harmonics with warm attack and less-aggressive mid-range
  • Period-correct cloth output wire and fiber bobbin
  • Installation hardware included

Power, clarity and a sound that’s as authentic as it is versatile—Classic Jazz Bass Pickups from Fender. Equipped with period-correct design details, they offer deep tones and complex harmonics with minimal midrange aggression for a thick, round sound you think as much as hear. Equipped to work naturally with or without humbuckers right out of the box.


3. Seymour Duncan SPB-1 Vintage Precision Bass Pickup Set

Seymour Duncan SPB-1 Vintage Precision Bass Pickup Set

Feature Of Product
  • SPB-1 Vintage Precision Bass Pickup Set
  • Item Weight 0.41 Pounds
  • Brand Seymour Duncan

If you have the ambition to hone your skills, but need a little extra help with tone, pick up our Seymour Duncan SPB-1 Vintage Precision Bass Pickup Set. Featuring three pickups and true bypass switching, this kit is sure to bring those vintage tones back without sacrificing any of the modern characteristics that make it such a competitive instrument.

The set includes an authentic replacement for your old pickup covers as well as intuitive instructions on how to solder that should be easy enough for anyone with experience playing around with electronics.


4. DiMarzio DP120 Model One Bass Humbucker Pickup

DiMarzio DP120 Model One Bass Humbucker Pickup

Feature Of Product
  • Combine the Model One LF pickup as the “woofer” with a split P, DiMarzio Model P, or DiMarzio Model J as the “tweeter”
  • Listen to Billy Sheehan’s pioneering setup
  • Send the Model One(TM) to a rig with an 18-inch speaker cabinet
  • You have the makings of a sound with earth-moving bottom and crisp

The DiMarzio DP120 Model One Bass Humbucker Pickup adds versatility to your bass with LEDs that change the character of the pickup. The sound? Listen to Billy Sheehan’s pioneering setup. By combining this with our split P, DiMarzio Model P or DiMarzio Model J pickups, you can turn any bass into a woofer/tweeter setup for on-board control of sonic extremes like never before.


5. BQLZR JB Bass Bridge Pickup

BQLZR JB Bass Bridge Pickup

Feature Of Product
  • Please check the size before your purchasing
  • For 4 String Bass
  • Include one PB Bridge, one PB Neck Place and one JB Bass pickup bridge

The BQLZR JB Bass Bridge Pickup presents the best of both worlds. The Quarter backs allow a deep and bright low end, perfect for slapping and plucking styles. A bridge pickup with a gentle boost in upper mids gives punch through the mix to give you that driving pocket sound. Sure to have eyes on your setup from afar – it’s time to meet Zeke!


What to Consider When Buying a Bass Pickup

J Pickups

A jazz pickup is a type of magnetic guitar string that has been invented by Gibson. They fall under the category of “jazz” due to it’s bright, CLEAN tone when compared with other genres or styles such as rock music where aggression may be expected from time-to-time. Though sometimes associated more so closely than others (such as in popular bands), these pickups can produce great results regardless if you’re just starting out on an acoustic bass guitar and want something different; all players will benefit greatly at least once having tried them!

P Pickups

P pickups have been utilized for a long time to provide the player with more options when it comes down their sound. Usually, they’re used in heavier genres such as funk and rock because of its deeper tone that can’t be achieved by single coils alone. These types also come equipped with two different types: one on each set which are stacked together providing even richer output at lower volumes; this means you won’t need any extra gain or distortion pedals!

Piezoelectric Pickups

Piezoelectric pickups have been used to amplify the signal of acoustic bass guitars for decades. They can be occasionally found on electric guitar as well, but piezo’s main use is in an upright or horizontal position by an artist who plays their fingers instead of a pick-up near them (eephus). Piezos sense string vibration with contact at one spot – usually where there are not many strings which gives it more clarity than magnetic pickup systems; however this makes some sound thin and weak when compared against what we’re accustomed to hearing from those other types!


The next time you’re in the market for a pickup, make sure to consider what kind of sound and feel is best suited for your needs. Discussing this with an experienced tech can help you find the perfect match – one that will produce great tone and give you years of reliable use!

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