The 5 Best Bass Guitar Preamps of 2021

What is the best bass guitar preamp? It’s not an easy question to answer, but this blog post will make your life easier by giving you the 5 best bass guitar preamps of 2021. The list includes both tube and solid state models, which each have their own unique advantages. Best of all though, they are all worthy options for any musician looking to improve their sound!

Top 5 Best Bass Guitar Preamps of 2021

1. MXR M81 Bass Preamp

MXR M81 Bass Preamp

Feature Of Product
  • Separate input & output level controls
  • 3-band EQ section with sweep able mid-range
  • Studio-quality Direct Out

Step up your control with the MXR M81 Bass Preamp. This pedal features everything you need to achieve big, deep lows and soaring highs in any setting. The MXR bass preamp provides separate INPUT & OUTPUT level controls that ensure tonal variety whether you’re plugged in or on battery power. With 3-band EQ section with sweep able midrange for creative sound shaping, you’ll be ready to play anytime anywhere!


2. Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omega Ultra Bass Preamp Pedal

Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omega Ultra Bass Preamp Pedal

Feature Of Product
  • Blend: Mix the clean and processed Signals
  • Mod: Select or mix between the two distinct distortion circuits
  • Bite: Boost high midst (2.8Khz) for additional presence and definition
  • Growl: Shelving Bass Boost for a fatter tone and increased low end saturation

The Alpha Omega Ultra Bass Preamp Pedal is a combination of two overdrive circuits: Alpha, which is punchy and tight with a lot of definition and Omega, which provides brutal and raw distortion. This preamp also features Blend controls, which mix the clean signal at unity gain alongside the overdriven signal to provide flexibility in creating natural-sounding bass tones that power into space like never before.

There’s also Torque knobs for boosting highs (2.8 kHz) for additional presence and definition as well as Growl control for shelving down your bass sounds to create deeper lows without taking away from lower frequencies or losing their growling resonance!


3. Tonebone Bassbone V2 Guitar Effects Switcher

Tonebone Bassbone V2 Guitar Effects Switcher

Feature Of Product
  • Two-channel bass preamp for 1 or 2 basses
  • Built-in radial with low-z balanced out for the pa
  • Combination power booster, effects loop and mute
  • Powerful EQ and level controls for each bass

Mama said, “I want you to have the bass bone so your guitar don’t feel so lonely.” So when one tool for two instruments is too much, Tonebone brings the made-for-bass Bassbone V2 Guitar Effects Switcher with 2 channels. Built in radial di with low-z balanced out for the pa lends all that big bottom end your electric hollow-body deserves. Powerful EQ and level controls on each channel mean you only need two fingers to make all four sound great. Plus it’s got a mute button!


4. Tonebone Bassbone OD Guitar Effects Switcher

Tonebone Bassbone OD Guitar Effects Switcher

Feature Of Product
  • Toggle between any two basses with ease
  • Bass overdrive with wet-dry control for extra grit
  • Drag control load correction for vintage basses
  • Pzb booster and 10 meg piezo input for upright

The Tonebone Bassbone OD Deluxe Guitar Effects Switcher is a must for bass players. It’s great for gigging, home recording, or practicing with friends because you can choose from up to 10 effects and toggle seamlessly between any two at a time. The Bassbone OD lets you use the dry signal of your current tone as a TRIAC load correction, giving that “vintage sound” even if it’s being played through an amp that has no buffer section.

Plus, it has an onboard PZB booster to help balance out those hollow B string notes – so now there are no excuses to abandon the low end! And finally, Tonebone have included a headphone output so teachers can provide feedback privately during lessons.


5. Orange Bass Butler Bi-Amp Bass Preamp Pedal

Orange Bass Butler Bi-Amp Bass Preamp Pedal

Feature Of Product
  • Feature Bass Guitar Channels with Separate Cab-simulated XLR Outputs
  • Expression Pedal Input
  • Blended Amp Output

Set your tone with a foot pedal! Bass Bi-Amp Preamp Pedals come complete with two preamp channels. Focus all your power in any way you see fit, whether it’s clean and crisp for smooth jazz bass lines or raw and messy for a punk bass solo. You’ll never need to worry about the noise of an amplifier in the past again because these pedals have an XLR output to send your sound directly into a PA system when you’re rocking out! Plus, this versatile piece of gear will light up when plugged in, so it can serve as a stage prop too.


Features to Look for in a Bass Guitar Preamp

Sound shaping and EQ

The preamp provides the player with total control over their sound. This can be seen in many ways, but one way is through EQ knobs and bass/treble equalization options on a particular unit or even just more of them for better tweaking ability (more handles). Most importantly though – while having so much available bandwidth does give some advantages like being able to minimize unwanted frequencies during editing- it might also become overwhelming if not used wisely as well since there will always something new just around every corner!

Active or passive electronics

A little-known fact about bass guitars is that they can be equipped with either passive or active electronics. Passive pickups tend to work better for regular instruments, but it’s not uncommon for them use an active pickup system on occasion and get unexpected results when using a preamp as well. If you want accuracy in sound output despite this interaction occurring between your device (such because guitar)and any audio equipment such as amplifiers etc then bypassing the electronics could help things out!

Output/input options

One thing to consider when looking into a portable bass preamp is what type of input and output options it provides. Most units have both XLR balanced outputs, which are ideal for critical uses like recording or distributing audio from instruments with higher sensitivities such as guitars and vocals; however you’ll also find other versatile routing schemes that allow more creative freedom in your setup (e.g., 1/4″ main outs).

Form factor

Most of the best preamps are made with pedal format. This single factor helps them integrate into any board while giving room for hands-free control, which makes it easier than ever to record your own guitar parts without needing a separate interface box or amplifier!


Some bass preamp pedals use a battery or an external power supply to operate, but note that each one comes equipped with the resources necessary for success! Make sure you know if it’s included because some manufacturers would rather buyers purchase these separately. Batteries are ideal when you want your instrument-whether electric or acoustic-to stay quiet during recording sessions so they’re perfect in situations where stealthiness matters most (such as live performances).

Tone coloration

A bass preamp is a device that boosts the sound quality, usually by making it more rich and full. A lot of them will allow you to modify your levels with knobs for different types or amounts of coloration- from transparent clean tone through deep distorted sounds without losing any power in between! Most have gain/drive control too but some only let users tweak their mix while others give all room possible at hand when tweaking those pesky little details.

Wrap It Up 

The best bass guitar preamps are the ones that give your tone exactly what it needs to be at its absolute best. Whether you’re looking for a clean boost of volume, or an overdrive effect with more grit and growl, there’s something on this list for everyone. With these 5 premium-quality models in hand, you’ll never have to worry about how your instrument sounds again. So whether you need one or all five – grab whichever suits your personal style!

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